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we at pur’ple are advisors, purpose-builders, people evolutioners, impact makers for a better world.

we are the core of an ecosystem that exists to build solutions that make you achieve your purpose through people.

we are obsessed about designing and implementing solutions that bring true meaning and purpose to you and your teams.

we take inspiration out of the people we work with: innovators, thought leaders, creators and business challengers, people who want make a difference for others.

we believe we can help you achieve your purpose.


we have come together to impact and help others transform into better individuals, communities, teams and organizations. we strive to make society a 'purposeful and better place'.

we fundamentally believe that high levels of human performance, creativity and fulfillment only come with individual engagement and a concrete sense of purpose.

thus, to help organizations realize their missions and be better than their competitors, we need to help them deeply transform to enable them not only to connect the mind but also to reach for the heart.

our values

be true
be the other
be different
be curious
be more

what we do

we work with individuals, communities, teams and organizations that want to find their true purpose, evolve and have an impact in the world.

what we do


we work with you to find true purpose and create meaningful experiences, built to last.
... bring people in
... challenge assumptions
... foster new mindsets
... influence alternative futures
... rewrite the narrative
and this is just (y)our starting point

what we do


we create new ways of doing, out of the old. we simplify.
... drive innovation
... be the transformers
... push forward
... be ahead
... look into new horizons
this will be (y)our next step

what we do


we ignite the energy that shakes (y)our worlds.
... move the people
... act
... spread the word
... reach next levels
... make the difference
enjoy the ride!


that are shaping us. check what transformation looks like.
raising productivity and engagement in dental services
building careers in the road to mindful success

ready to spread the movement?

we’re eager to make the movement grow!
share your challenges or questions and we’ll be happy to start a new story with you.

+351 211 354 493 | Rua do Açúcar, 76, Armazém 29 Lisbon, Portugal
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